The WITTScasters


Ben, Brian, and Jon are three fiction writers who met in Purdue University’s MFA program in Creative Writing several years ago, where they often met at the local watering hole to discuss books, craft, and their own writing. Now they find themselves scattered around the country and writing out in the cold. To rekindle a sense of community, gain momentum in their own writing, and share some laughs, they created What I’m Trying to Say, a virtual barroom chat about the writing life.

Ben is an engineer living in central New York. He is also a short story writer who hasn’t published a damn thing. He is married to a lovely poet and is a fan of disappointing New York sports teams with names ending in “-ets”.

Brian is a technical writer in Colorado. His fiction has appeared in The Cincinnati Review, Ninth Letter, and Artful Dodge. He likes on-tap craft beer, off-leash dog parks, and the serial comma. You can find him online at, or in person wherever quality soft pretzels are sold.

Jon is a freelance writer in Richmond, Virginia, where he lives with his wife (a lawyer) and dog (a mutt). His first novel, The Whiskey Baron, is available now. Find out more at