Podcast Episodes

EpisodeDateDiscussion TopicReading Discussed
0012/4/2013Getting startedStephen Millhauser, "A Voice in the Night"episode description
0022/11/2013 Balancing your writing and your day jobDylan Nice, "5/24/2010"episode description
0032/18/2013Point of viewGeorge Saunders, "Tenth of December"episode description
0042/25/2013Literary CitizenshipRoxane Gay, "Glass"episode description
0053/4/2013The SentenceFreight Stories No. 8episode description
0063/11/2013RevisionChapter 1 of Holly Goddard Jones' The Next Time You See Meepisode description
0073/18/2013CharacterMarie-Helene Bertino, "North of"episode description
0083/25/2013Strengths and WeaknessesGeorge Singleton, "Pitching Pennies"episode description
0094/1/2013NetworkingKeith Lee Morris, "Ayudame"episode description
0104/8/2013Art vs. EntertainmentJamie Quatro, "The Anointing"episode description
0114/15/2013PublishingMark Powell, "Old Ironhead"episode description
0124/22/2013DetailsLaura van den Berg, "Where We Must Be"episode description
0134/29/2013Wild CardMehdi Tavana Okasi, "Give Hostages to Fortune"episode description
0145/6/2013ApprenticeshipKaren Russell, "The Barn at The End of Our Term"episode description
0155/13/2013Exit StrategiesSam Lipsyte, "The Dungeon Master"episode description
0165/20/2013SexWITTScaster updatesepisode description
0175/27/2013Wild Card 2Alice Munro, "Amundsen"episode description
0186/3/2013DialogueJess Walter, "Statistical Abstract for My Home of Spokane, Washington"episode description
0196/10/2013HumorGary Lutz, selectionsepisode description
0206/17/2013StorytellingAimee Bender, "The Rememberer"episode description
0216/24/2013Writing from Real LifeWITTScaster updatesepisode description
0227/1/2013MysteryJames Tadd Adcox, selections from Does Not Loveepisode description
0237/15/2013Literary Field TripsChristine Schutt, "The Duchess of Albany"episode description
0247/29/2013Scene vs. SummaryMarlin Barton, "Hands"episode description
0258/12/2013PodcastingWITTScaster updatesepisode description
0268/26/2013The WorkshopBarry Hannah, "Water Liars"episode description
0279/2/2013PoetryWITTScast poetry selectionepisode description
0289/9/2013TimeMary Gaitskill, "The Other Place"episode description
0299/16/2013ObsessionsKate Braverman, "Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta"episode description
0309/23/2013PlaceEtgar Keret, "Healthy Start"episode description
0319/30/2013Wild Card 3WITTScaster updatesepisode description
03210/7/2013ResearchSam Nam, "Do Something, Anything"episode description
03310/14/2013What is Art?James Baldwin, "Sonny's Blues" episode description
03410/21/2013The MacGuffinHaruki Murakami, "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning"episode description
03510/28/2013EntropyLindsay Hunter, "Three Things You Should Know About Peggy Paula"episode description
03611/4/2013Writers and the People Who Love ThemEmma Straub, "Marjorie and the Birds"episode description
03711/11/2013WITTScast West -- Boulder, COWITTScaster Updatesepisode description
03811/18/2013NaNoWriMoMegan Mayhew Bergman, "Birds of a Lesser Paradise"episode description
03911/25/2013Life ExperienceJoseph Scapellato, "Drunk in Texas, Two New Friends Talked Horses"episode description
04012/9/2013Hunger, ArtistsFranz Kafka, "A Hunger Artist"episode description
04112/23/2013Truth in Non-fictionErin Stalcup, "With Strangers"episode description
0421/6/2014New Year's ResolutionsJacob M. Appel, "Enoch Arden's One Night Stands"episode description
0431/20/2014Revision? F*** RevisionMarie Potoczny, "Fat"episode description
0442/3/2014CommitmentMichael Baptist, "The Aluminum Piece"episode description
0452/17/2014The Habit of ArtMelanie Hutsell, "Celestial Images"episode description
0463/3/2014Experimental FictionJames Pate, "Three Summers"episode description
0473/17/2014Public StakesBen Fountain, "Near-Extinct Birds of the Central Cordillera"episode description
0483/31/2014StuckGordon Lish, "In the District, Into the Bargain"episode description
0494/14/2014ConduitsAndrew Blossom, "A Word from the Chimpanzees"episode description
0504/28/2014WITTScast South -- Richmond, VAWITTSCaster Updatesepisode description
0515/12/2014Reality (or, "The Scorpion's Widow")Benjamin Black, The Black-Eyed Blond (excerpt, PDF)episode description
0525/26/2014Mission, Vision, ValuesJoyce Carol Oates, "High-Crime Area" (PDF)episode description
0536/9/2014Reading Wild CardDan Leach, "The Day Getting Dark"episode description
0546/23/2014Letting GoDavid Ebenback, "We'll Finish When We're Done"episode description
0557/7/2014MoviesLeigh Camacho Rourks, "The Plague"episode description
0567/21/2014Fiction Out LoudScott McClanahan, "Kidney Stones"episode description
0578/4/2014CollaborationKimberly Lojewski, "Baba Yaga's House of Forgotten Things"episode description
0588/18/2014“Hooves on the Highway,” a novel-in-progressNone -- Collaborative Plot Outlineepisode description
0599/1/2014Hysterical RealismJames Wood, "Human, All Too Inhuman"episode description
0609/15/2014All We Ask Is PerfectionDon DeLillo, "Midnight in Dostoevsky"episode description
0619/29/2014The Emerald IsleAnnie Proulx, "Tits-up in a Ditch"episode description
06210/13/2014You Have Always Written Before and You Will Write NowJulio Cortazar, "Blow-Up"episode description
06310/27/2014Party TimePete Duval, "I, Budgie"episode description
06411/10/2014The Age of StoryAmber Sparks, selectionsepisode description
06511/24/2014Politics & ProseAdam Lefton, "Animals"episode description
06612/8/2014There Is No SolaceRon Rash, "The Trusty"episode description
06712/29/2014Write With the WITTScastersNoneepisode description
0681/19/2015Getchu a BowlAmy Benson, "At Sea"episode description
0692/2/2015Don't Know Shit About ShitEdward P. Jones, "A Rich Man"episode description
0702/16/2015The Spine of FictionSusan Tepper, "Distance" (PDF, page 5)episode description
0713/2/2015TalentCharles Dodd White, "Hawkins's Boy"episode description
0723/16/2015Schlock for SchloozersThomas Pierce, "Videos of People Falling Down"episode description
0733/30/2015Survivalist WellsJonathan Lethem, "The King of Sentences"episode description
0744/13/2015Bad ReviewsKelly Link, "The New Boyfriend"episode description
0754/27/2015Memory and TruthR.T. Smith, "Docent"episode description
0765/11/2015Transforming PlaceSarah Layden, "Decoy"episode description
0775/25/2015Things NeglectedWilliam Trevor, "The Woman of the House"episode description
0786/8/2015SummertimeCharles Baxter, "The Next Building I Plan to Bomb"episode description
0796/22/2015How to Be a HusbandBret Lott, "On Posterity"episode description
0807/6/2015Marriage! Kids! Houses! (or, "Bring the Darkness")WITTScaster updatesepisode description
0817/27/2015Honest FictionEdith Pearlman, "Wait and See"episode description
0828/10/2015"Joan of Arc With a Skunk" and Other TitlesLydia Davis, Excerpts from The Collected Stories of Lydia Davisepisode description
0838/24/2015Continuing EducationJodi Angel, "Centrifugal Force"episode description
0849/7/2015True Refreshment Comes From WithinMemory Blake Peebles, "The Sugar Bowl"episode description
0859/21/2015Fiction Off the Top RopePhilip Roth, excerpt from The Human Stainepisode description
08610/19/2015Time to Play the FeudHenry James, "The Middle Years" (PDF) episode description

One thought on “Podcast Episodes

  1. Calvin Gray

    While writing is not my craft, I always enjoy learning about creative processes; this podcast allowed me to do just that, well done! Some of the points made were, naturally, over my head yet I never got that mucky feeling of pretension, only that I was in the presence of some smart dudes who are earnestly passionate about their craft.
    This is such a breath of fresh air when we live in a culture where most “intellectuals” you converse with tend to speak the language and stance of that absurdly ironic and hypocritical “hipster” persuasion.
    Exiting soap box now. Great job guys!

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