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Episode 83: Continuing Education

It may be the end of summer, but the WITTScasters aren’t letting the dog days get them down. Brian is writing, Jon is revising, and Ben is submitting. One of them is even going back to school, which leads to a debate about the role of formal education in a writer’s life. But first, the boys turn their attention–if not their powers of pronunciation–to Jodi Angel’s story “Centrifugal Force.”

Topics and Reading Discussed

Episode 82: “Joan of Arc With a Skunk” and Other Titles

Pour a glass of fine scotch and sit back while the boys tackle the peaty stench of inspiration, titles, dictionaries, flash fiction, and more. Then they turn to a lively discussion of that writer’s writer’s writer Lydia Davis, and selections from her collected stories.

Topics and Reading Discussed