Monthly Archives: March 2015

Episode 73: Survivalist Wells

Join the boys as they host their very first guest: the construction workers constructing a patio/firepit/well in Jon’s neighbor’s backyard. Beyond the hammering and saws, the boys manage a fine discussion of books-turned-movies and whether good novels can ever create a good film. Then the boys delve into the squirrelly world of sentences and the cult of the author in a discussion of Jonathan Lethem’s “The King of Sentences.”

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Episode 72: Schlock for Schloozers

In Episode 72, Ben’s been building his students up to a completed short story, Brian gets a pocket notebook to make him observe the world like a writer, and Jon adds the Millenials to his shit list. Then the boys chew on Thomas Pierce’s “Videos of People Falling Down,” which provides plenty of fodder for a discussion of the risks and rewards of cerebral writing.

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Episode 71: Talent

How much of being a good writer comes from raw talent and how much from hard work? What do you do after you’ve mined all the “low-hanging fruit” of your life for material? What does empathy have to do with invention? And will robots cutting our hair signal the rise of the machines? All these questions, plus the timeless power of Charles Dodd White’s story “Hawkins’s Boy” on episode 71.

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