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Episode 67: Write With the WITTScasters

You know what? Writing is about writing, not talking about writing. In a special holiday episode, the WITTScasters put that mantra to work and take an hour to write on-air (with the requisite procrastination and interruptions). We invite you all to sit down and write something yourselves during this week’s episode. And if you come up with a few sentences, send us your best at Happy holidays!

Episode 66: There Is No Solace

Get ready for some SUPER HOT ACTION! The WITTScasters, in discussing their current work, admit some occasional self-doubt. Searching for solace, they find none. They do, however, find enjoyment in Ron Rash’s timeless page-turner of a story, “The Trusty.”

Reading Discussed

  • Ron Rash’s story “The Trusty” seems to still be available without subscription at The New Yorker website, so pause the episode and read it!
  • Brian got an Audible subscription and, not surprisingly, started by listening to a book about a professional wrestler. Now he’s thinking about broadening his horizons with books on basketball and comic books.
  • Maybe Brian will do to the pro-wrestling/superhero novel genre what Jon has done (is doing/will do) to the crime novel genre.
  • It’s important for a writer to have a wife who knows a bad idea when they hear one (like inserting a crazy-eyed zany character inspired by Michael Keaton in Out of Sight).
  • Two books that have turned Jon into an emotional wreck because they’re so good:  Preparation for the Next Life by Atticus Lish (Jon: “This is how you do it”) and Does Not Love by James Tadd Adcox (Jon: “Unmooring, because it’s so good”).
  • Plenty of writers have wrestled with self-doubt. Take for example John Steinbeck, whose journals from the writing of The Grapes of Wrath reveal that at times even he felt like he had no idea what he was doing.
  • Jon likes a straightforward story, as long as it offers some resonance and some solace (BUT THERE IS NO SOLACE!).
  • Did Brian say John O’Hara’s story “Guests of No Nation?” He meant Frank O’Connor’s story “Guests of the Nation” (PDF).
  • “The Trusty” was included in Ron Rash’s collection Nothing Gold Can Stay. Jon says Rash is still at his best.
  • Richmonders (Richmondites? Richmondarians? Virginia Hipsters?), we hope you’ve got the Books & Beer Brew-ho-ho at Hardywood Brewery on your calendar for December 14th. Featuring our own Jon Sealy, plus 25 other writers. It’ll be like a nerdy advent calendar you open all at once!