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Episode 50: WITTScast South — Richmond, VA

The show turns the big 5-0 in Richmond, Virginia, where the boys have gathered to celebrate the launch of Jon’s novel The Whiskey Baron (and may have partaken in the title drink, because when in Rome…). Together, they get giddy talking about the excitement of releasing and promoting a novel, then try to assess the state of their writing after 50 podcasts and take a stroll through the archives to talk about their favorite WITTScast readings to date.

Reading Discussed

Episode 49: Conduits

The boys get metaphysical in their descriptions of how they write. No, not how they come up with brilliant ideas, but rather how they get those ideas onto the page. From the ever-cool MacBook Air and the hipster typewriter to the traditional notebook or the hot-action keyboard, you need a conduit. Then they turn their attention to Andrew Blossom’s wild story, “A Word from the Chimpanzees.”

Reading Discussed