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Episode 41: Truth in Non-fiction

You don’t get an airport named after you for making friends. That and other life lessons await in episode 41, where the boys discuss the ways non-fiction reading fits into a fiction writer’s regimen. After discussing Erin Stalcup’s fresh, compelling story “With Strangers,” they also talk about the different ways writers try to hurl themselves over a high jump bar (metaphorically, mainly) and why sometimes, when you order a burger, you don’t really want a burger.

Reading Discussed

Episode 40: Hunger, Artists

We may have crossed the episode 40 threshold, but there will be no dad jeans here. The boys delve into the world of earth science, psychoanalyze Ben and his female characters, and give a report on their own writing before tackling Kafka’s excellent story “A Hunger Artist.” After discussing the world of commerce and the timelessness of art, they wonder about the merits of flash fiction.

Reading Discussed