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Episode 24: Scene vs. Summary

Aaaaaaand scene… or is it summary? The WITTScasters discuss fiction’s two combatting modes of telling stories: scene and summary. Then things get weird, as discussion branches out to include horizontal vs. vertical narrative, the unconscious storytelling voice, and self-awareness in computers. After that heady talk, the boys lighten things up with a story about suicide and severed limbs: Marlin Barton’s “Hands.”

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Episode 23: Literary Field Trips

Take a ride with the WITTScasters as they discuss literary field trips: the book-centric places they’ve been, the places they want to go, and why we visit literary sites at all. Plus, a discussion of Christine Schutt’s sad and beautiful story, “The Duchess of Albany.”

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Reminder: No New Episode This Week

We started this podcast with the idea of creating a virtual barroom that would mimic the actual barroom we used to meet at in our MFA days. Well, one of the other benefits of an MFA program is the sweet, sweet summertime. While we’re not taking the summer off by any means, we are relaxing our schedule a bit to accommodate the one-two punch of hyper busyness and epic laziness that summer so beautifully delivers. So for July and August, look for new shows every other Monday.

Come back and join us here July 15 for episode 23, when we talk about literary field trips just in time for your summer vacation planning. See you then!

Episode 22: Mystery

The real mystery here is how the three yahoos on this podcast got to be experts in mystery. Still, in episode 22, the WITTScasters explore the various types of mystery: mystery of action, mystery of character, mystery of setting, mystery of purpose, and more. Then they delve into excerpts from James Tadd Adcox’s novel, Does Not Love.

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