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Episode 21: Writing from Real Life

Based on a true story, Ben, Brian, and Jon discuss what’s off-limits and what’s fair game when it comes to putting the people, places, and events of your real life onto the page. Are the best stories more real or more imagined? Have you ever written something so true about yourself that it scared you? What are the ethics of using someone else’s life in your work? And does Jon have ethics? Plus, it’s time again for the boys to offer updates on their own reading and writing.

Reading Discussed

Episode 20: Storytelling

What starts as a perfectly civil discussion of the role of storytelling in contemporary fiction devolves into an aesthetic dispute between Jon and Ben. Brian, emulating his favorite pro wrestling referee Earl Hebner, stays out of it and just tries not to get hit. Luckily, the balance of concept, metaphor, and heart in Aimee Bender’s story “The Rememberer” is something the WITTScasters can all agree on.

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Episode 19: Humor

Three guys walk into a virtual barroom… The WITTScasters may be funny, but it turns out they don’t know any jokes. That doesn’t stop them from discussing humor in fiction in episode 19, though. And, after four months of hearing about Gary Lutz, Jon and Brian finally join Ben in mainlining sentence-driven short fiction.

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Episode 18: Dialogue

In an ironic twist of fate, episode 18 brings a dialogue about dialogue. The boys chat about how much characters in dialogue should disagree, what fictioneers can learn from playwrights, and the merits and perils of starting a story mid-conversation (chief among the perils: Jon will tell you to cut it). Later, they discuss Jess Walter’s bullet-pointed short story, “Statistical Abstract for My Home of Spokane, Washington.”

Reading Discussed

*Not Jon’s favorite.