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Happy Sam Lipsyte Day!

When we say “Good things come to those who wait,” the emphasis tends to be on the waiting rather than the eventual, elusive good things. Well, today marks the release of Sam Lipsyte’s new story collection The Fun Parts, so rejoice: The waiting is over. Good things are here.

I’d have to sit down and make the list (don’t think I won’t do it), but Lipsyte’s novel Home Land is comfortably in my all-time top 10. For that reason alone, I probably think of him more as a novelist than a story writer even though he’s one of those tricky Richard Ford types who seems equally adept at both. I first read Venus Drive, his previous collection, on a flight from Indianapolis to Denver, which I remember because I made more use of the fold-down tray table on that trip than I ever did even back when airplanes were serving meals; on almost every page, some insight or line of dialogue made me set down the book and regather my wits, let my head catch up to what I was reading. Continue reading

How do you evaluate a good bookstore?

While we’re on the subject of bookstores this week, do y’all have any test books you use to evaluate a bookstore? On episode 4, Ben mentioned the value of curating, but curating only works if a bookstore is somewhere in the region of your interests.

I used to be a much more ardent reader of southern literature than I am now, but for many years, I evaluated a store based on whether it had a few of my favorites:  Continue reading